Animat is a well-known Canadian company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of recycled rubber flooring for the last 30 years. Our flooring has various uses in the dairy and horse industries and as anti-fatigue mats and floor protection in commercial and industrial areas.

BouMatic is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of the highest quality milking systems and dairy farm equipment including milking parlors, herd management systems, milk cooling systems, dairy hygiene chemicals, udder healthcare products, hoof care products and dairy supplies and dairy equipment spare parts.

Recognized for its innovative dairy farm products, BouMatic is dedicated to ensuring that dairy farm producers throughout the world have the ability to produce the highest quality milk most efficiently, profitably and responsibly.

Clearitas is a powerful formulation of oxidized chlorine specifically engineered to remove organic and inorganic deposits within water distribution systems. The unique oxidizing properties of Clearitas enable it to penetrate and remove the attachment mechanisms that start and hold inorganic and organic matrices together and to surfaces. Clearitas is a nonhazardous, liquid formulation that works online in conjunction with a traditional disinfectant. Clearitas maintains its performance integrity within a wide range of water conditions and removes mineral deposits without changing water corrosivity.

BECO designs and manufactures high capacity, reliable, and upgradeable dairy automation systems for the demanding needs of high producing cows milked in large milking parlor operations. These systems continually capture vital system and single cow information to enable operators to effectivly manage every milking session to get the highest production and highest quality milk out of every cow every milking.

Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management. Since 1977, Afimilk has been a pioneer in the field, with the introduction of the first electronic milk meter. Since then, based on its strong research and development group, the company has continued to provide cutting-edge solutions for the milking parlor.

The company’s systems are installed and in use on thousands of farms in 50 countries across five continents.  With hundreds of thousands of milk meters and millions of behavior sensors installed, Afimilk sets the standards for dairy farming and management around the globe.

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Since 1998 Industrious Management has been importing the smaller range of dairy equipment for the home and small farm industry. This range of equipment has become so popular that the new company, Dairy Dynamics was brought into existence to service this industry.

After 10 years, with over 400 of these in the market, Dairy Dynamics is now once again looking at increasing its market share by widening the available range. The new range of small separators now covers models from 80lt/hour up to 600lt/hour.

 If you’re a dairy or swine producer, there is no getting around the need for manure management. Now, there is a better solution for livestock lagoon treatments. It’s called EnviroLagoon®, and after nearly 20 years, it’s become the single most successful waste treatment product in the industry. EnviroLagoon is an easily applied liquid solution specifically developed to reduce solids and odors of manure treatment facilities. EnviroLagoon is effective in all types of lagoons, pits and waste storage structures of any size, depth or animal loading rate and performs in all weather conditions.

Conewango Products has built its reputation on more than 75 years of consistently high quality and reliable, profitable milking performance. In serving the demanding needs of America’s dairymen, Conewango has developed unique rubber formulations to create the best performing inflations, tubing, and dairy accessories on the market. Our reliability is maintained by keeping the highest quality standards for raw material selection, manufacturing processes, and final inspection.

All of our products are engineered, manufactured and tested thoroughly to ensure that they will show up for work, cycle after cycle, year after year, in even the harshest laundry environments. To provide the highest quality and reliability, we believe that every Dexter-branded product should be made by us, and we refuse to compromise on the engineering or quality of the materials that we put into every machine. All of our products are built and assembled in our manufacturing facility here in the United States. With lifetime technical support and industry-leading warranties, you can be confident that we stand behind every product you invest in.

Calf-Star is your North American calf rearing specialist! We provide everything from calf milk pasteurizers, automatic calf feeders and dispensers, to calf housing. Calf-Star can deliver the calf rearing solutions you need.

For you, a Dairy Business Man seeking to improve your productivity and continuous improvement is constant. We are Madero Dairy Systems, World-class Company, focused on offering products with the most advanced technology and highly professional and personalized services. Our expertise, infrastructure and labor philosophy allows us to offer you, true optimal and integral solutions to your needs and achieving your goals.

Our ability to design and manufacture our own components lets us personally ensure the quality of each product. Our equipment is built to be durable and functional not only today, but also for years to come. Our goal is to provide every customer with a long-term value for their investment.

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Dairy Equipment Done Right!  When Others Say We Can’t, We Say We Can!!  Custom stall sizes, manual detachers, claw hangers, hose supports, and the list goes on!  Call Turner for your custom parlor jobs today!

The Teatwand Stepover automated teat sprayer is suitable for any herringbone and parallel milking parlors, designed to work equally well as pre-spray or post-spray. ​Two sensors, four nozzles, a fully adjustable controller and online monitoring (available on request) allow excellent teat spray coverage of all four teats with efficient usage of teat spray. The walkover teat spray system tracks the cow’s speed to automatically adjust the spraying sequence.

Comfy Calf Suites offer an advanced, innovative housing alternative to outdoor hutches and other labor intensive options for penning. Comfy Calf Suites are safe, efficient and most importantly, very comfortable for your calves and you. Ideal for calves up to eight to ten weeks of age, they are built with durable plastic planks and heavy-duty hardware. Comfy Calf Suites are easy to install, easy to clean and the open-front gates allow you to keep a close eye on the future of your dairy herd. Producers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe are choosing Comfy Calf Suites (including numerous repeat customers) to raise calves in curtain barns, greenhouses and other type of facilities.

Combining advanced hardware and software, MilkMaven uses sensors that constantly check pulsator health, milk, wash, glycol temperature, and the vacuum pump while notifying dairymen of out of compliance equipment. The system offers suggestions based on the source of the problem to provide a head-start towards resolving the issue.

FAN Separator is a traditional, European company carrying out business worldwide.

We design and manufacture according to strict European standards, thus ensuring the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Our aim is leadership in quality in the areas of separation and slurry technology as well as waste water management in the non-agricultural sector. For this reason we work to produce sustainable and economic solutions. We are dedicated to a modern conservation of values and our mission is at the same time our highest requirement:   We want satisfied customers. Worldwide.

Paul Mueller Company distributes dairy farm equipment through a seasoned dealer network. The quality of Mueller product is reflected by the loyalty and longevity of their numerous certified Mueller dealers. Many dealers have held their certified dealership for 3 decades Mueller dealers stay freshly trained on all the latest equipment through training seminars held at Mueller’s own Dairy Farm Equipment Service Training Center.

J&D Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer and international distributor of ventilation and equipment products for agriculture (dairy, swine and poultry), horticulture, industrial and commercial applications.