Equipment Sales

The goal of Brown Dairy Equipment is to build a long term relationship with our customers. We have knowledge of the products we offer to our customers and the benefits to your dairy operation. Our sales team know the products, how the product works, how to install the     product, how to maintain the product, and how to use the product.


Emergency Service

Call us 1-800-373-2153

Brown Dairy Equipment

Products we Provide

· Dairy Animal Hygiene
· Milking Equipment
· Milk Cooling Equipment
· Parlors
· Pasteurizers
· Calf Suites
· Floor Mats
· Crowd Gates
· Dairy Facility Hygiene
· Dairy Supplies
· Ventilation Fans
· Dairy Hoof Care
· Manure Handling Equipment


Capital Sales Equipment Sales

Dennis Brown


989-550-7081 (cell)